Deck the halls

1. CO2 bedeckt die Erde
Falalalala lala lala
So dass es immer heisser werde
Fala …
Politiker die reden viel
Fala …
Doch wir brauchen ein Klimaziel
Fala …

2. Leute wann kapiert ihr’s endlich
Fala …
Uns’re Zeit ist nicht unendlich
Fala …
Nein, wir dürfen nicht mehr ruhen
Fala …
Bis die Mächtigen was tuen
Fala …

3. Lösungen gibt es in Massen
Fala …
Wir warden niche locker
Fala …
Denn wir  müssen jetzt agieren
Fala …
In die Umwelt investieren
Fala …

4. Wenn wir jetzt nicht die Kurve kriegen
Fala …
Wird die Welt in Trümmern liegen
Fala …
Ja, wir können’s jetzt noch schaffen
Fala …
Wenn wir uns zusammenraffen
Fala …

Climate change is coming to town

You better watch out
You better not lie
You better act now
I’m telling you why
Climate change is coming to town

Glaciers are melting
Forests are burning
Oceans and fish are full of our garbage
Climate change is coming to town

We know it’s so much easier
To deny the emergency
But we cannot just stand by and watch
While we are running out of time

Oh! You better watch out
You better not lie
You better act now
I’m telling you why
Climate change is coming to town

Cities awash
Smog in the air
This is not fair
We all have to care
Climate change is coming to town

We see you when you’re hiding
Pretending it’s not true
Yet when December is as hot as May
Disobedience is the way!

Sooo you better watch out
You better not lie
You better act now I’m telling you why
Climate change is coming
Climate change is coming
Climate change is coming to toooown!

O come all Ye Rebels

1. O come all ye rebels, hopeful and determined,
O come ye, O come ye to sound the alarm.
Sing with one voice that this is an emergency,

O come let us amuse them
O come let us enrage them
O come let us engage them
To heed our demands.

2. We call for justice, justice for the planet,
We call for ecocide to be outlawed.
We call on leaders to wake up and make
O come …

3. Halt global warming, stop oil exploration,
Halt big developments & keep the planet green
Stop all this nonsense constantly distracting us,
O come …

Marketing is Everywhere (Good King Wenceslas)

1. Politicians are distressed,
See their assets stranded.
Tell their counsellors “Divest!”
As the folk demanded.
There’s no money making here,
Climate change is cru-el
Change the pension, bring us cheer,
No more fossil fuels.

2. Marketing is everywhere
Leading up to Christmas.
Greedy corporations know
It’s time to do big business.
Selling things that no-one needs
Pulling in more profit
It’s a silly fairground ride
We should all get off it.

3. Present shopping is a chore
If you choose to do it.
Opting out or making things
Bids a farewell to it.
No more rush and no more crush
No more blind complying.
No more on your credit cards
No more panic buying

4. Give the gift of love this year
Resist commercial forces.
You will be far happier
And save the world’s resources.
Sing this message loud and proud
Less stuff and more caring.
Love and time and hope are free,
Help the world we’re sharing

Turn this mess around (Winter Wonderland)

Sirens wail, are you listening?
In the sea, plastic’s glistening,
With forests ablaze
We can’t stand and gaze,
Gotta turn this global mess around.

Say goodbye to the old days,
Say hello to some new ways,
Determined and strong
As we go along,
Working hard to turn this mess around.

Citizens’ assembly will connect us,
And help us make a plan that is agreed.
Nothing we encounter will deflect us,
People know what other people need.

After time, we’ll remember
How we sang in December,
The effort we made
To face unafraid
What it took to turn this mess around.

Tune: Winter Wonderland

Silent night

1. Silent night, lonely night.
All the floods what a sight.
Houses, towns and whole countries,
all underwater and no more trees.
Nowhere safe to go.
Nowhere left to call home.

2. Silent night, lonely night.
All we do now is fight.
Not enough food for everyone,
the fertile land has almost gone.
Our children ask us why,
all we can do is cry.

3. Silent night, lonely night.
The activists it seems were right.
Let’s send a message to 2019,
telling them the things we’ve seen.
A change they still can make,
a different path they can take.

Lyrics: Jess Lichtenstern

Jingle Bells

Warning bells, warning bells
Ring them loud and clear
Climate crisis looms ahead
The tipping point is near
Warning bells, warning bells
Ring them loud and clear
This is an emergency
The time to act is here

Polar ice and snow
Melting by the day
If we let them go
Trouble’s here to stay (take warning) Famine, drought and floods
Will affect us all
We’ve twelve years to put it right
So listen to our call.

Oh! Warning bells, warning bells ….

Deck the Halls (Short)

People of the world, take warning
Tralalalalala la la la
Now reality is dawning
Tralalalala la la la la
Look around and face the facts now
Tralala lalala la la la
Tell the world it’s time to act now Tralalalalala la la la

Sag mir wo bleibt der Schnee?

1. Sag mir wo bleibt der Schnee?
Verdunstet langsam der See?
War es im Winter nicht kalt?
Unglaublich, Weihnacht ist bald.

2. Hört den Klima-Alarm
Hitze bringt Kummer und Harm
Laut wie die Glocke erschallt
Handelt, sonst sterben wir bald

3. Glaubt nicht Fossilem Betrug
Lösungen gibt es genug
Tatsachen sind längst bekannt
Die Zukunft liegt in uns’rer Hand

Tune: Leise rieselt der Schnee
Lyrics: Franziska Newman

Ihr Kinderlein kommet

1. Ihr Schüler so kommet, so kommet doch all
Zum Klimastreik kommet und machet Krawall
Kommt zu uns am Freitag und seid mit uns laut
Weil man euch ansonsten die Zukunft verhaut

2. Wir müssen jetzt alle gemeinsam aufstehen
Um in eine bessere Zukunft zu gehen
Drum schnapp dir ein Streikschild und schliess dich uns an
Wir bringen den Klimaschutz endlich voran