Slogans (Deutsch)

  • Es gibt keinen Planet B
  • Es gibt keinen Plan(et) B
  • Ohne Bäume keine Träume
  • Oma, was ist ein Eisbär?
  • Pole statt Kohle
  • Wenn nicht jetzt wann dann?
  • Wir leben als hätten wir noch eine zweite Erde im Kofferraum

Slogans (English)

Act Now
Act now or swim later
Be part of the solution, not the pollution
Change the system, not the climate
Climate change = Mass extinction
Climate Change is not a lie! Do not let our planet die!
Climate change doesn’t affect me- nobody ever
Defuse climate change now
Don’t let idiots destroy our future
Don’t stop until we change the world
Earth > Money
Ever wanted to be a superhero? Now you have the chance to save our planet
I am no longer accepting the thing I cannot change, I am changing the things I cannot accept
I can’t believe I’m marching for facts
If we burn you burn with us
It’s our future so ask us
It’s time to change policies like we change Prime Ministers
I want a future for my children
I want to turn older than 28
I’m sure the dinosaurs thought they had time, too
Keep the carbon in the soil
Like the sea, we rise
Make earth cool again
Make our climate great again
Make our Planet great again
Make Love not CO2
Mother earth over profit
Now or Never
No Future on a dead Planet
Our actions create our future
Our future in your hands
Our future our decision
Our house is on fire
Our lungs are at stake
Our house is on fire
Planet over Profit
Procrastinating is for students not for politicians
Respect existence or expect resistance
Respect our mother
Science not silence
Sex! Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about climate change
Soon I’ll be old enough to vote
Sorry to disturb, but this is a (Climate) Emergency
Stop denying the earth is dying
Stop destroying what is left
Stop wasting our future
System Change not climate change
The biggest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it
The climate is changing, why aren’t we?
The Earth is so hot you have to call the fire department
There are CO2nsequences
There is no Plan(et) B
There is no wealth on a dead planet
There’s no thank you next for our earth
The world is dying – stop denying
The world is dying – stop destroying
This is the only planet with beer
This planet is hotter than …
Time is running out
Trains not planes
Unite behind the science
Wall-e won’t clean up our planet
We are ditching school because you are ditching our future
We are living on this planet as if we have one to go
We need a global solution to beat the pollution
We want a future
We will fight for breath, till our last breath
What I stand for is what I stand on
What will you tell your children if they ask you “what went wrong”
When we go, we’re taking you all with us [picture of a bee]
Why study for a future that we won’t have?
Will you explain to my children what Polar bears are?
You are burning our future
Your Children are Drowning in Oil

Slogans (Español)

  • Cambia el cambio
  • Cambiamos de actitud o cambiamos de planeta
  • Cambiemos el sistema, no el clima
  • Con la Tierra no se juega
  • El futuro será verde o no será
  • El planeta está cambiando, por qué nosotros no?
  • Emergencia climática
  • Está en juego mi futuro
  • Estamos consumiendo el planeta
  • Estoy segurx de que los dinosaurios también pensaron que tenían tiempo
  • Hay más plástico que sentido común
  • Justicia climática ya
  • La revolución será verde o no habrá donde hacerla
  • Los asesinos de la tierra tienen nombre y apellido
  • Luchamos por tus hijxs
  • Menos polución, más solución
  • Ni un grado más, ni una especie menos
  • No hay futuro
  • No hay plan(eta) B
  • No veo acciones, solo decepciones
  • No veo nada… sólo plástico
  • Nos estáis quemando el futuro
  • Nuestra casa está en llamas
  • Para qué estudiar si no tenemos futuro
  • Quiero surfear agua, no microplásticos
  • Reciclemos políticxs, con basura no funciona
  • Salvemos nuestra casa
  • Se nos acaba el tiempo
  • Sexo! Ahora tengo tu atención, salva el planeta
  • Si el planeta fuese un banco, ya lo habrían rescatado