Climate Justice

1. We are here, and we’ll be loud!
We’ve a message to get out
Listen now, then raise your voice –
“We need change, we have no choice!”
Climate Justice is our aim
for we’ve got a World to gain.
Pay the price for damage done.
Frequent fliers – stop your fun!

Hear us old and young –
hear there’s something going wrong.
Let’s show true remorse.
Change from our destructive course.
Fossil Fuels must go!
They are bad. You have to know
there are better means.
Solutions that are safe and clean.

2. Get the message to the folk
“Global warming is no joke!”
Tell them loud and tell them clear
(we’ve) got to hold our Planet dear
Posters in your window pane.
March outside, despite the rain.
Chalk Graffiti, paint it tall.
Post it on your social wall.


Refrain (2x)
Climate Justice [Stamp 3x]
Climate Justice [Clap 3x]
Climate Justice [Thigh-slap 5x]
We want Justice!

3. We’ve got 3 demands for you.
Tell the Truth, you have to do!
Act now, or apocalypse!
Citizen based Politics!
Drop the debt, for countries poor.
Give them better chances or
live with shame for what we’ve done –
1st World harmed while 3rd World gone.


4. Solutions, they do exist.
Here’s some from the Drawdown list:
H-F-Cs, they’ve had their hour;
Wind turbines or Solar Power;
Reduce Food Waste; Plant a Tree;
Wave and Tidal energy;
Coastal wetlands; Build with wood;
Plant-rich diets; Mass Transit.


5. System change we need it “Now”
Here some thoughts to show you how:
Divest! Degrowth! Consume less!
Greed and Finance caused this mess!
Fast fashion, you’re out of style
Trips in planes? No! Tax air-miles!
Slow down! Nature, take it in
Count your blessings, protect them.


Music: Ben & Franziska Newman