It’s Friday

Music: Lucia Tepelmann
Performer: OneDecision

1. She is a simple girl, sitting on a stair.
Thinking about the world, thinking it isn’t fair.
She is a simple girl, ready to tell the truth.
Not afraid to be be honest, empowered by youth.

2. Listen girl you are not alone, we just feel the same.
We need to make a difference, this is our aim.
We all see the problems, and we are scared.
Our future in danger, and nobody cared.

Come on girls, it’s friday it’s time now to shout.
Come on boys, it’s friday let’s sing it out loud.
Come on everybody, let’s get it done.
We’re the crowd, we are loud, and we’ve just begun!

3. Don’t tell us we’re little. Don’t tell us we’re small.
Just stop your excuses to keep us calm.
We won’t do our homework if you don’t do yours.
The house is on fire it can’t be ignored.

4. They say it’s complicated, we know that it’s true.
But is it a reason for nothing to do?

What do we want?
Climate justice!
When do we want it?


The adults they talk, but they forget to act.
We need bold decisions, the earth needs respect.