Marketing is Everywhere (Good King Wenceslas)

1. Politicians are distressed,
See their assets stranded.
Tell their counsellors “Divest!”
As the folk demanded.
There’s no money making here,
Climate change is cru-el
Change the pension, bring us cheer,
No more fossil fuels.

2. Marketing is everywhere
Leading up to Christmas.
Greedy corporations know
It’s time to do big business.
Selling things that no-one needs
Pulling in more profit
It’s a silly fairground ride
We should all get off it.

3. Present shopping is a chore
If you choose to do it.
Opting out or making things
Bids a farewell to it.
No more rush and no more crush
No more blind complying.
No more on your credit cards
No more panic buying

4. Give the gift of love this year
Resist commercial forces.
You will be far happier
And save the world’s resources.
Sing this message loud and proud
Less stuff and more caring.
Love and time and hope are free,
Help the world we’re sharing