English language Sites

Name Link Contact  
Campaign Choirs Network eMail FB
Cardiff Reds Choir eMail FB
Choirs for Climate   FB
Climate Music   FB
Climate Keys   FB
Commoners Choir   FB
Côr Gobaith   FB
Hullabaloo Community Quire eMail FB
Joined up Singing Community Choir   FB
Leeds People’s choir   FB
Liverpool Socialist Singers   FB
Nottingham Clarion Choir   FB
Protest in Harmony   FB
Raised Voices   FB
Red and Green Choir    
Red Leicester Choir   FB
Red Notes Choir eMail FB
Sea Green Singers eMail  
Sheffield Socialist Choir   FB
Sheena Phillips    
Strawberry Thieves Socialist Choir   FB
Voices of Freedom   FB

German Language Sites

Stimm Volk stimmvolk.chFB

YouTube / Spotify Lists & Channels