Climate Movement

Formidable Vegetable & Spoonbill (featuring Brenna Quinlan)

I believe we all came to be here for a reason
To acknowledge the seniors, everything has a season.
This season is warm, but it’s bringing a storm
and a burning urge for our journey to transform.

But held in our hand at this grave intersection
is a map of the passage for a clearer direction
to a permanent culture, it’s time we began it
with some wise design to realign with the planet.

Share skills to rebuild our combined reliance
and with wild guidance redesign our diets
Befriend energy descent and the changing climate
to grow forests of food and a finer environment.

Permaculture at this tumultuous juncture
is a superstructure that can plug the puncture
in a society of anxiety, confusion and greed
This really may be one solution we need

To bring back our elementary essence of ethics
and walk an Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share epic
Now’s the time to embed it while the temperature’s tepid
Let us rise as a choir beside the people who get it.

To guarantee that our future generations lives
are provided the conditions they require to thrive
instead of being deprived of the tools to survive
in a biosphere too defiled to revive.

So we invite you now to amplify the synergy
Devise an inspired distinctive soliloquy
combining with like-minds an adaptable symphony
of radical simplicity, balance and symmetry

Whatever your ability, we need your assistance
in aid of reclaiming a stable existence
Go summon your gifts at this critical hour
and deliver wherever they move and empower.