How Long?

Climate Change Notes – Don Farrands

1. How long can this go on?
Destroying the Land, Sea and Sky?
How long, must this go on?
Changing it all and still we stand by!

We must look to the Sun
and feel the Wind
care for this World
now’s the time to be strong!

We have the power to save the Future
To live in this beautiful World as one.
And we’ll look to blue Skies,
and over Horizons,
and cherish what keeps us alive us everyday.

2. How soon, is too soon?
To tell ourselves enough is enough.
How do we imagine folk hate to say “It’ll all just be fine”?
With a strong will and heart we can care for this world.
Now is the time to be strong.


We are always looking for a way to get out of this
but surely we must know the world can take no more of this

With a strong will and heart
We can care for our home
Now’s the time, to be strong.