Our Biggest Challenge

Symphony of Science

We are a flexible and innovative species and we have the capacity to adapt and modify our behavior
Now, we most certainly have to do so if we’re to deal with climate change.
It’s the biggest challenge we have yet faced.

The same thing that keeps the Earth warm (CO2!) may make the Earth too warm
It holds in heat:
Methane, Chloroflourocarbons, water vapor and Carbon dioxide
they all trap heat

It is important that the world get together
To face the problems which attack us as a unit

The evidence is clear The globe is getting too warm

We can avoid climate catastrophies
We can do this We can change the world

Science offers us answers
To these huge challenges

It’s one global ecosoystem

We can do this

We can change the world
Every single thing every one of us does
Affects everybody all over the world
It’s one global ecosystem
Warm, wet, cold or dry
Climates all start in the sky
When the C02 is high, the temperature is high
Moving together in lock step
When the C02 is low, the temperature is low
Moving together

Our use of fossil fuels for energy is pushing us towards a climate
unlike any seen in the history of civilization
Adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere
Warms things up
The rise in C02
Comes from burning fossil fuels
When you burn them, add oxygen
That makes C02 that goes in the air
We’re reversing the process by which they formed

We’re talking about something
That affects the entire Earth
Problems that transcend nations